by Civil

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Recorded March 2012 - June 2012

Drums recorded at The Rehearsal Factory Mississauga
Guitars recorded at Angelo's Garden Centre
Bass and vocals recorded at Electric Hrajnik Studios
Mastered by Jesse Bartkiewicz at Uncle Gordy's

Cover art by: Maurizio Bongiovanni
Album Layout by: Brendan Fifield & Jacob Hrajnik
Photography by: Lu-Anna Catalano
Special Thanks To:

Corey Wong, Jesse Bartkiewicz, Christopher Johnson, Nikhil Shetty and everyone at Long & McQuade Brampton, Brennan Galley at Avid, Aaron Hipple at McDSP, Anton Priz at The Rehearsal Factory Mississauga, Maurizio Bongiovanni, Brendan Fifield, Lu-Anna Catalano, Adam Piotrowicz, Claudio Carosi, Corinne Golabek, Jonathan Brodsky, Dave El Jimi, Dave Brennenstuhl, Mark Harry, Fil Gambatesa, Margaret Hrajnik, Mark Anderson, Christina Couture, Dean Snowball, SMW, Steve Allen, Evan & Julien Falcone, Martin Chapados, Shantigh Mateaus, Robin Orlik, Mark Rego, Carson Perrotti, Sara Marry, Krystle Barfitt, AJ Wright, Rob Boniface, and the one and only Brodie David Stevens.

This record is dedicated to those whose words have found our ears and never left, whose hands have rocked our cradles, and still continue to do so.

Human Resources HR002.

This record cost less than $1000 CDN to make (from recording the album, to album artwork, to physical production). We are huge proponents of DIY, and we will continue to dream big and believe anything is possible.

Much love,


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released June 26, 2012

Produced By: Jacob Hrajnik

Civil are:

Chris Harry - Drums, Vox
Angelo Gambatesa - Guitars, Vox, Keys
Jacob Hrajnik - Guitars, Vox
Corey Wong - Bass

from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



all rights reserved


Civil Toronto, Ontario

In the beginning, there was Craigslist. And born out of Craigslist were drug deals, which paved the way for coffee houses & music shops. People were meeting up, and shaking hands. They took those hands and gave them tools. The tools made sound and all was Pho. ... more

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Track Name: Diamonized
They put our lovers into space,
Where bright minds will radiate,
And turn into solid gold,
Or become diamonized
If they see the sun rise free from
the thespian rule of earth.

Earth, home to sky bound growth.
And dawn divides. Night, day, eat, sleep.
Cannot breathe.

I hope you know that it'll take us back again.

Too soon.
Track Name: Rayleigh
Boards up in the house of structure,
Where these words will surely never reach her.
Shame is seeping right on through them.
Unlike the light at your doors/windows awaiting refraction.

In the neighbourbood of her eyes gone are the photons once opportune.
They left six years ago,

When they scattered her brain,
With what they wanted her to do.
She would have to figure out,
What really gives the sky it's hue.

It's when this magic spills,
From the canvas to the textbook the song becomes contrived.
It's when this magic spills,
One might want to call it rain, it's just lies from the textbook,
the song's become contrived.
Track Name: Sundowning
The shore screams to the sea.
There has to be something more.
What don’t I see?
Define horizon.

Well, whether the storm,
but I still don’t see.
Just please let me finish,
but the trees won’t agree.

This is your mindset that pulls you apart.
You won’t let me finish, you won’t let me start.

The tide is your pulse and you won’t let it breathe,
you won’t let it leave.

Advertise as the sun gives rise,
and rest when its set,
and rest when its set.
Nothing has a symmetry that pulls you apart.

The clouds have grown dark
beyond that line you draw for yourself.
The dawn lingers near,
what do you fear?

Kingdom came, and breached the gate.
Kingdom came, but it was too late.
The king was crowned,
as the sun went down.

The oak won’t sleep the ash won’t keep still.
The phoenix flew before the vultures could kill.

Advertise as the sun gives rise,
and rest when its set,
and rest when its set.
Nothing has a symmetry that pulls you apart.
Track Name: T.P.R.K.
Magnolia, rest assured this night,
those lonely gulls will cast their anchors.
Hold no concern when they tuck us in,
there'll be no memories when we wake up
on the ocean floor.
We will grow apart.
We will become coral.    
We will make for healthy fish for harvesting.  
Mercury may just sink into space
and never return to the surface again.
Though it's not up to us it's on gravity's end.

And the land was all we ever had.

Painting lines on the field.
Here we are building graves for the athletes.
We'll shake hands cold and blue.
Here we are building graves for the athletes.
Our eyes will sting,
Here we are building graves for the athletes.
From the ash.
Here we are building graves for the athletes.

Out of sync.

It's something wrong without a trace of logic.
But there's nothing wrong with always trying to keep safe.
Track Name: Futurefold
There’s this sin within syntax that only 

jaws our jargon,

tongue-in-cheek, hide and seek 


which we’ve built for ourselves.

For ourselves, solve ourselves, just with our jig saw too much.

But still didn’t see enough but you know

there’s rhetoric in the retina which can speak

for itself and teach the pupil to grow


And to know it needs to reap what it sows,

from every valley and every mountain.

And yes the stakes are so high, but still shake


with the bottom line.

Tremble with tremors at a meet and greet

 with both ends.

Everyone’s invited so

 propose a toast, but how are you to drink?

With that tongue in your cheek?

You’re on the list, b
ut can’t come in until you’re figured out.

So out you go now, outside looking in.

We can see so crystal clear from in here

but for you and your fear you can just sit

and wait for your throat to untie itself

and your tongue to want to unveil itself,

and oh your retina’s how they seem so lost.

Cause the glass ain’t clean,

you can’t see, so the 

pain in the window is that you can’t see

far enough, well enough, or just enough.

But we can’t help you from in here cause HEY

Before you go judging us, labeling us,

 just know it's cause you cannot

seem to find 

the desire, the will to speak your mind

And everyone is looking at you 

to come on in

and to revel with us, 

to level with us,

and the stakes and the 

bottom line.

And goddamn it man just please,


ust bust that door down, please we’re all waiting.

Please to appease us, and to appeal you.

Your eyes, how sore they must be, and your hands

don’t adore the shakes they’ve never received,

from people they’re still yet to meet and greet,

who you’d say are just playing hide and seek.

You’re feet must be so tired from standing

on uneven ground in the outer cold.

You’re tongue must be so tired from hiding,

walking oral tightropes you craft yourself.